Church of God Library


A Look at the Origin and the Fruit of W. S. Goodnight's Revelation Teaching
Windows to the Past and Warnings for the Present
Backsliding Ministers by Leslie Busbee
A Fundamental Difference
Discerning the Lord's Body
One Family
Old Paths vs. New Light
Remove Not Ancient Landmarks
Cutting Off the Cross
The Life and Conversion of a Kentucky Infidel
The Modern Gift of Tongues Exposed
The Unpardonable Sin
Which Church is Right?


Bible Swahili New Testament


Come Out by Michael Smith
Storms of Youth by Douglas Wall

God's 5 Minutes
Road to Jerusalem

Bible Study - James Wall Dec 2011
The Gift of Tongues - Part I
The Gift of Tongues - Part II

Bible Study - Maxine Busbee 2012
Women in the Ministry

Voices from the Past
Lest Sin Be Your Ruin, Lewis Williams, Guthrie, 1957
Love, Sam Abbott, Guthrie 1957
Pitching Our Tent Toward Sodom, Opal Wilson, Monark 1960
Real Salvation, W. W. Crawley, Guthrie, 1958
Salvation, Manley Spears, Guthrie, 1957
Seek the Lord Until He Rains Righteousness, Murphy Allen, Guthrie 1956-12-23
The Coming of the Lord, Fred Pruitt, Guthrie, 1960
The god of Fashion, Ruth Murphy
The House of God, E. M. Zinn, Monark, 1959
The New Jerusalum, Darias Gibson, Guthrie 1958
Time, John Wilson, Monark July 1954